Firearms - Antique & Collectibles Auction

LOCATION/DIRECTIONS: Auction held in Staunton Grange Building, 1530 N. Market, Troy, OH 45373, north end of Troy. Ample on-site parking
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Saturday January 30, 2021 at 10:00 AM

ANTIQUES – COLLECTIBLES – ADVERTISER SIGNS: Griswold #3 cast iron mail box; oak Kellogg wall phone (complete less battery); Three Globe “Gone with the Wind” lamp (conv. to elect.); 8” Terrestrial world globe w/iron base; Hamilton Beach #25 green porcelain milk shake mixer w/original cup (working); Dad’s Root Beer crate; old Goodyear yardstick & other advertisers; various wooden spools; Atlantic wash board; Gilbey’s Gin bubble glass thermometer; 1967 Coca Cola metal sign in Spanish; Aurora Tires metal sign; porcelain on metal Kiwanis sign; 1955 Knickerbocker metal sign (never stamped out); 1967 Duke Beer metal sign (new old stock); Diet Rite Cola mirrored sign; (2) Piqua milling cardboard chicken feeders (unused); 1942 square dance instruction cards; Bordens seat cushion; vintage ladies police hat w/badge.

OLD TOYS & GAMES: 1950 Dennis the Menace tin litho baseball game; old 101st Calvary WWI pocket game; Wyandotte toy cork & dart guns; Wyandotte tin litho dart game w/pistol; T. Cohn tin litho duck pull toy w/box; Kiddy Kook kids stove play set (new old stock); vintage American toys magic circus roll game; Ertle Kraft Velveeta Cheese semi truck & trailer (new old stock); elect. operated steam power house toy; Uncle Sam mechanical bank; 3 pints & 2 quarts of older marbles.

COINS – WATCH FOBS: (10) 1936 Walking Liberty halves; (10) 1939 Walking Liberty halves; (10) 1940 Walking Liberty halves; (1) 1927 Peace dollar; (32+) vintage watch fobs incl. – Construction Equip. – Caterpillar – Allis Chalmers – Euclid – Cleveland Tractor – Cedar Rapids Crushers – Koering & others.

SMALL SHOWCASE ITEMS: Sterling Masonic 50-yr & 25-yr pins; 1919 Free Mason certificate; sterling Cub Scout ring – Knights of Columbus locket – elephant brooch; sterling military items & Mason pins; various other items of sterling Nazi WWII pin; WWII Hitler stamp & postcard; Bordens Mills employee badge; chauffer’s license; Free Mason tokens; other pins – tokens – medals; U.S. Army whistle; Knights of Phythias uniform medal; Dick Tracy & Captain Kangaroo badges; Aunt Jemima pin; Tony the Tiger spoon.

FIREARMS – AMMO & RELATED: Handguns—Colt single action Army 45 revolver; Ruger New Vaquero (John Wayne edition) 45 revolver (never fired); Colt Peacemaker Buntline 22 L.R. revolver; Stoeger 45 revolver; Browning Medalist 22 pistol; Ruger New Model Blackhawk 357 mag. Revolver; Ruger New Model Single Six 22 revolver w/magnum cyl.; S&W 357 mag.; Ruger Vaquero 44 mag. w/extra grips; S&W Model 10.5 38 Special; Sig Arm Trailside 22 pistol; Ruger Mark II 22 w/2 mags.; Ruger Mark III 22 w/2 mags.; Rossi 38 Special; S&W 38 Special; Taurus Model G2C 9mm w/2 mags.; Taurus “Judge” 45 L.C./410-long barrel; Taurus “Judge” 45 L.C./410 short barrel; Cobra 38 cal. derringer w/holster; F.I.E. 38 cal. derringer; black powder 38 cal percussion pocket pistol. 26 Rifles—Winchester Model 70 .220 Swift w/Junertly sniper scope; Ruger #1 – 204 w/Leupold VX-111 scope; Weatherby Mark V-.257 WBY mag w/Leupold Vari-XIII scope; Remington Model 700 .22-250 Rem. w/Redfield scope; Thompson Encore 22-250 Rem. w/Weaver classic scope & bipod; Savage Axis 243 w/scope; Stoeger Uberti 45 Colt lever action w/octagon barrel; Winchester Model 94E 30-30 lever wide loop; Winchester Model 94 30-30 lever; Henry Golden Boy 22 lever; Marlin Original Golden 39-A 22 lever; Marlin 336W 30-30 lever; Mossberg Model 144 L.S.B. 22 w/Bushnell scope; Marlin Model 60W 22 w/Bausch & Lomb scope; Thompson 223 Rem Super 16; Rossi .17 HMR w/Tasco scope; Marlin Model 60 22 w/scope; Winchester Model 67-A 22 bolt; Marlin 60 22 w/scope; Winchester Model 1906 22 pump; Remington 32 cal. rolling block single w/octagon barrel; Norinco Sporter 7.62X39 SKS w/bayonet; U.S. Springfield Model 1898 30-40 w/Lyman sight & reload dies; 1944 Turkish 8mm mauser; antique flintlock 32 cal. w/tiger maple wood; other antique flintlock rifle. 12 Shotguns – Black Powder—Benelli Inertia Model M2 12-ga.; Browning BP5 Invector 12-ga w/extra tubes; Remington Model 1100 12-ga; Mossberg Model 590 12-ga; Huglu 12-ga hammer coach gun; Winchester Model 1897 12-ga pump; Mossberg Model 195-D 12-ga bolt; Ted Williams Model 200 12-ga; Wards Western Field 93M-210A 20-ga bolt; Mossberg 500E 410 pump; Rossi S.A. 410 w/22 interchange barrel; C.V.A. Wolf 50 cal. in-line black powder (Realtree edition).

AMMO & ACCESSORIES: 80+ rounds of 30-30; 200+ 12-ga shells; 12-ga rifled slugs; ammo for 220 Swift – 204 Ruger – 243 Winchester; 40+ rounds of 7.62X51 - .308; 90+ rounds of 7.62X39; 20+ rounds of 8mm; 100+ rounds of 380 auto; 26+ rounds of 30-40 Krag; 2,000 rounds of 22; 50+ rounds of 22 short; box of 24 gr. 44 bullets; black powder accessories; leather possibles bag; Thompson barrels incl. – 22 LR, 22 WMR, 22 Jet, 22 Hornet, 44 Magnum, 357 Magnum, 45 Colt; scopes by Simmons – Tasco & Buck Ridge; various hard & soft gun cases.

GLASSWARE & RELATED: 1909 Rookwood knick knack tray; 1951 Rookwood 2-pcs. smoking & whiskey set; 1952 Rookwood leaf dish; original Shirley Temple pitcher; Fenton slag bell; large chicken print bowl; Carmel wall pocket – compote & car vase; original Fiesta cobalt plates – cups – saucers & platter (28+ pcs); 1954 Fiesta calendar plate; original Detrich of Dayton shot glasses. FURNITURE – OSU & OTHER: Old glass front display cabinet; small country harvest table; farm house stand; 1920’s ornamental fret work piece; 2002 OSU final play picture of Cie Grant blitzing Miami; 2003 framed OSU football national champs (never hung); OSU framed & signed A.J. Hawk & Archie Griffin pictures; WWII souvenir pillow; piece of tile w/Keep on Trucking printed. 

AUCTIONEERS NOTES – An exceptional auction w/alot of quality. TIMES: Starting on collectibles in mixed order. Firearms sell approx. 1:00PM. As always, we appreciate your business. No firearms on site until day of auction. Doors will open Auction Day @ 8:00AM for preview. All Ohio gun laws will apply. MC, Visa, Discover w/4% surcharge. Inventory subject to change. Food, heat, seating & restrooms.


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