Firearms Auction

LOCATION/DIRECTIONS: Auction held at the Miami County Fairgrounds at 650 N. County Road 25-A, Troy, OH  45373. Inside the Merchants Building. Watch for signs. Plenty of parking. Held inside w/comfortable seating.

Saturday May 8, 2021 at 10:00 AM

24 HANDGUNS: Taurus “The Judge” w/6-1/2 barrel (new in box); Ruger New Model Blackhawk – 45 long Colt (new in box); Ruger American 9mm w/2 high cap mags (new in box); Smith & Wesson 38 Special bodyguard w/laser sight (new in box); H&R Model 622 22-cal. (new); 1926 Eibar Spain 32-20 revolver; AMT back-up .380 stainless; H&R top brake 32-cal.; Belgium 1840’s double barrel boot gun; Hawes Great Western 22 mag revolver; Taylors & Co. 1858 Remington 44-40 (new) w/gun belt; Taurus single action 45 revolver; Llama 38 Special CTG revolver; Taurus Model PT 738 .380; Browning 25-cal.; Berreta Model 21-A 22; Ruger Mark II 22; S&W Model 732 32-cal. revolver; Iver Johnson Cadet 22  revolver; Titan 25-cal.; Charter Arms 38 Special; 38 Derringer; (2) Heritage 22 revolvers; 1974 Russian 9mm movie prop pistol.

24 RIFLES: Navy Arms Model 1866 38 Spl. Lever; 188 Springfield trap door 45-70; 1873 Springfield trap door 45-70; 1878 Springfield trap door 45-70 12-1/2” barrel Indian blanket gun; 1873 Springfield trap door 45-70 16” barrel Indian blanket gun; Wards Western Field bolt Model 04M 22 w/peep sight scope (target model); Remington Field Master Model 572 – 22-cal.; Savage Model 93 22 mag. w/bipod; Yugoslavian SKS 7.62X39 w/2 mags; Marlin Glenfield Model 60 22 deluxe; Marlin Model 60-22 cal; Remington Speedmaster Model 552 22 cal.; Winchester Model 67 22 short bolt; Siamese Mauser 8mm complete w/dust cover & sling; Henry 22 lever w/octagon barrel; other Henry 22 lever.

23 SHOTGUNS & BLACK POWDER GUNS: Winchester Model 97 – 12-ga.; Remington Sportsman 46 skeet 12-ga. w/Cutts compensator; Marlin 12-ga. pump cylbore low serial #133; Remington Auto Master 878 12-ga.; Remington 870 12-ga. Super Mag special purpose; Winchester Model 12 – 12-ga. w/scope; Remington Model 10-T 12-ga. – 32” barrel; Winchester Model 25 – 12-ga. w/scope; Winchester Model 50 – 12-ga. w/32” barrel & scope; Remington rolling block 16-ga. forager 1873 single; Remington Model 31 – 12-ga.; Remington Model 29 – 12-ga.; Stevens Model 37-A 410 single bolt; H&R Model 158 Topper 410; Stevens 12-ga. single; Springfield 12-ga. single; Excel 12-ga. single; Nitro Marvel 12-ga. take down single; Pardner Model SB-1 12-ga. single – 18-1/4” barrel; Hopkins & Allen 12-ga. falling block lever single; American Gun Co. 12-ga. double barrel coach gun; L.C. Smith double barrel SBS 12-ga. w/Damascus pattern; Thompson 50-cal. Hawken; CVA 50-cal. Hawken; CVA 50-cal. Hawken w/ sling; Belgium 20-ga. (wall hanger).

SPECIAL INTEREST CANNON & OTHER: U.S. Navy handmade 1” bore black powder cannon; Colt factory conversion kit 9mm to 38 Super (new in box); vintage Remington store display ammo cabinet; powder horn & possible bag.

AN UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF AMMO (ONLY AN OVERVIEW): 100s-1,000s of rounds incl. 9mm; 357 mag; 30 cal carbine; 32 auto; 40 cal. S&W; 45 auto; 7mm; 6mm; 38 Special; .380; 30-06; 270 Weatherby; 8X57; 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser; 32-20; 22; 12-ga & others;

RELOADING & RELATED: Dillion Equip incl. Square Deal 9mm – tumbler – Case feed, etc.; Lee reloading stand & press; Pacific tool presses; various MEC presses; RCBS dies incl. 44-40; 45 ACP; 30-06; 38 Spl.; 308; 44 mag; 357 mag; 22-250; 40 S&W; 25; 22 & more; a lot of smokeless powder; buckets of 9mm – 45 auto – 223 – 38 brass; small rifle pistol primers & others; shot shell primers; 100+ lbs. of copper plated shot; many gun products – cleaning – care & access.; military ammo cans.

KNIVES: WWII handmade Navy knife; U.S. Marine Kbar; blacksmith made knife; Bowie knife & others.

BB & PELLET RIFLES: Benjamine pellet w/scope; Crosman 760 pump; Daisy BB guns & others.

AUCTIONEERS NOTES: This is a single person collection of firearms & ammo. Name withheld for security purposes. You won’t want to miss this event. Plenty of seating – food – restroom. Doors open @ 8:00A for registration & inspection day of auction. TIMES – Starting on guns followed by ammo & accessories. View photos on our website @ WWW.JWCAUCTIONS.COM. For info, call Jon @ 937-545-4416 – also sale day phone. As always, we appreciate your business


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