LOCATION / DIRECTIONS:  Take Wolf Creek Pike app. 1-1/4 miles S.E. of Diamond Mill Rd.  Auction held at 8454 Wolf Creek Pike, Trotwood, OH  45426.  Plenty of on-site parking.  Watch for signs.

Saturday May 22, 2021 at 10:00 AM


COLLECTIBLES & SPECIAL INTEREST:  15+ crocks & crock jugs; old R.R. padlocks – keys & other; old door hardwares; vintage door knockers; chauffer’s badges; bass chandeliers; several enamel coffee pots; granitewares; many primitive tools; 7+ draw knives; spoke shaves; old carpenter tools; leather tools; #12 cast iron Dutch oven; other cast iron items; large meat cleavers; oil lamps; blacksmith tools; grist stones; Dietz R.R. lantern & others; old advertisers; wooden butter churn; coal buckets; “L” branding iron; steel implement wheels; military & Army items; M.R.E. survival foods; Coca Cola gallon jug; Coca Cola crates & others; Holton vintage trumpet; Roxy clarinet; old Oscar Schmidt autoharp; vintage megaphone; sad irons; wash boards; old kitchen primitive utensils; old doctor tools; quill pens; ice tongs; old scales; oil cans; brass oilers; grist stones; logging boots; several razor strops; spittoons; wooden shaft golf clubs & others; vintage auto parts; old Brookville & area memorabilia. 

COINS:  1798 large cent; 1938-D Liberty half dollar; 1946-S Liberty half dollar; 1908 barber half dollar; 1898 Liberty head nickel; 1900 Liberty head nickel; 1915 Lincoln wheat penny; 1849-O half dollar; 1854 half dollar; 1867-S half dollar; 1868 nickel shield; 1939-S quarter; 1867 nickel shield without rays; 1869 nickel shield; 1810 large cent; 1923-S Lincoln wheat penny; 1927 Lincoln wheat penny; 1936-S Lincoln wheat penny; 1938-D Jefferson nickel; 1952-S Jefferson nickel; 1933-S half dollar; 1934-S half dollar; 1939-D Jefferson nickel; 1892 barber dime; 1934-S silver dollar. 

GLASSWARES:  Service of 10 old Blue Willow china & access.; examples of milk glass & other antique glass; wash bowl & pitcher. 

TOOL & SHOP ITEMS & OTHER:  Machinist tools; shop vise; gasket punches; c-clamps; pipe tools; old monkey wrenches; long miners drills; drill bits & taps; 10” table saw; gas 6.5HP trash pump; Chicago wire feed welder; misc. hand tools; reel mower; Porter Cable recharge drill; barbed wire livestock fence; horse bits; metal parts cabinet; 5HP front tine tiller; large bird cage; animal cage.

FURNITURE & RELATED:  Antique uphl. loveseat & chair; wagon wheel chair; rocking & arm chairs; old game stands; (2) solid cherry book cases; project antique Northwind saddle chair; large gilded picture frames; Kenmore sewing machine & cabinet; some outdoor furnishings. 

KNIVES & GUNS:  100+ pocket knives incl. Keen Kutter – Case – Tree Brand – Remington – Old Timer – John Primble – Barlow & others; 30+ old straight razors; JC Higgins Model 20 12-ga. pump; Wards Hercules Model 11 – 410 single; New White Powder Wonder 12-ga. single.

AUCTIONEERS NOTES – TIMES:  Starting on misc. in mixed order.  Inventory subject to change.  TERMS: CASH – Check – MC – Visa or Discover w/4% surcharge.  For info call Jon @ (937) 545-4416 also sale day phone.  All announcements on day of auction take precedence over printed material.  Food & restroom.  As always, we appreciate your business.


"I sell the earth and everything on it"
Licensed by Department of Agriculture in Favor of State of Ohio